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JGSDF Camp Tachikawa



OH-1 S/N 32007

(Production type No.3 rotorcraft)

Aviation School, Camp Kasumigaura,

Japan Ground Self Defense Force

Please click photo to play MPEG1 movie file.

NO.1  (753KB)
Approach to Hover

NO.2  (829KB)
Left hovering turn, 90 degrees.

NO.3  (555KB)
Rapid right hovering turn, 270 degrees.

NO.4  (946KB)
Rightward and leftward flight.
(Large size movie 2,422KB)

NO.5  (1,122KB)
Vertical Climb.

NO.6  (568KB)
After vertical climb,
descend, acceleration and turn.
Very silent sound.

NO.7  (834KB)
Pull up and push over.
(Large size movie 2,136KB)

NO.8  (1,131KB)
Last lowpass with small and rapid rolling
After lowpass, wingover at high speed.
(Large size movie 2,898KB)

NO.9  (753KB)

NO.10  (672KB)

NO.11  (303KB)
Rescue demonstration using hoist,
SuperPuma of Japan Coast Guard,
Dauphin of Tokyo Fire Department,
Bell412 of Tokyo Metropolitan Police,
and UH-1J of JGSDF.

NO.12  (870KB)
SuperuPuma and Daupin Out.

NO.13  (829KB)
Bell412 and UH-1J Out.

NO.14  (541KB)
Bell 412 rapid acceleration

NO.15  (793KB)
Daupin rapid acceleration

NO.16 (447KB)
Dauphin water-bombing.

NO.17  (771KB)
U,S,Army-Japan, Camp Zama's UH-60A
returns to Camp.
(Large size movie 1,993KB)

NO.18  (433KB)
Japan Maritime Self Degfense Force, Tateyama Naval Air Base,
121 Flight Squadron's SH-60J returns to base.
(Large size movie 1,112KB)

NO.19  (820KB)
OH-1 and UH-1J return to Camp Kasumigaura.
(Large size movie 2,112KB)

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