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Hamamatsu Air Base Airshow



OH-1 S/N 32005

(Production type No.1 rotorcraft)

Aviation School, Japan Ground Self Defense Force

Please click photo to play MPEG1 movie file.

NO.1  (922KB)

Just Airborne.

NO.2  (1,374KB)

Rapid Acceleration and turn to right.

NO.3  (424KB)

After acceleration at low altitude, zoom-climbing.

NO.4  (663KB)

Landing light.

NO.5  (1,198KB)

This day's new demonstration.

 Hands-free hovering turn.

Position and altitude were controlled by AFCS

(Automatic Flight Control System).

NO.6  (1,288KB)

"Pyrenees Maneuver"

NO.7  (1,081KB)

NO.8  (1,086KB)

Change to backward from leftward.

Nose down, and tail up to vertical.

Roll left 180 degree, turn anddescend.

High backward speed is neccesary.

NO.9  (1,064KB)

This is short and detailed version of No.8.

NO.10  (604KB)

Just landing.

NO.11  (922KB)

High speed pass of E-767AWACS.

Vapor was generated under rotodome.

NO.12  (403KB)

NO.13  (360KB)


NO.14  (456KB)

Airborne for return to Akeno Airfield.

High noise was generated U125 jet.

NO.15  (915KB)

"Pyrenees Maneuver" again.

NO.16  (1,086KB)

NO.17  (919KB)

Take off of the Japan Air Self Defense Force's UH-60J.

NO.18  (429KB)

NO.19  (379KB)

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