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 Gifu Air Base Airshow


Kawasaki OH-1 "Ninja"

Scout Helicopter

Flight Demonstration

OH-1 S/N 32001

(Prototype No.1 rotorcraft)

Aviation School, Japan Ground Self Defense Force

Please click photo to play MPEG1 movie file.

NO.1  (210KB)

Take off and turn left slowly.

NO.2  (974KB)

Accelerate and approach to front of audience.

Nose up and rapid stop.

NO.3  (1,565KB)

"Pyrenees Maneuver"

NO.4  (850KB)

Rapid reverse and hard turn.

NO.5  (1,017KB)

Rearward flight. Acceleration.

Nose down, and tail up to vertical.

Roll left 180 degree, and descend.

NO.6  (888KB)

Rearward flight. Hands-free.

And rapid stop.

NO.7  (568KB)

Demonstration finished and approach to front of audience.

NO.8  (690KB)


NO.9  (262KB)

F-2 turns hard.


(Large size file 1,971KB version)

NO.10  (312KB)

F-2 and T-3 formation flight at 150kt.

I want to see the formation of OH-1 and F-2.

NO.11  (262KB)

F-2's hard turn !

NO.12  (596KB)

Take off for RTB.

Hovering turn with moving.

NO.13  (609KB)

"Pyrenees Maneuver" again.

Altitude low !

NO.14  (523KB)

Finally, wing (rotor?) walk.

Good Demonstration !

Good-bye, take care !


Link to TON-KATSU's Gifu AB Airshow Report (Japanese)

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