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JASDF Misawa Airbase Airshow,

Mitsubishi F-2 "Viper ZERO" Strike fighter

Flight Demonstration


Please click photo to play MPEG1 movie file.

NO.1  (922KB)
Formation Takeoff of F-2B and F-2A.

NO.2  (993KB)
Takeoff of F-2B

NO.3  (40KB)
3 ship formation Flyby.

NO.4  (1,222KB)
F-2A 360 degrees hard turnwith afterburner.

NO.5  (1,284KB)
Lowpass with gear-down, and climb with afterburner.

NO.6  (717KB)
Reverse left!

NO.7  (924KB)
Rapid pullup!! High-rate climb!

NO.8  (784KB)
High-alpha lowpass.

NO.9  (933KB)

NO.10  (993KB)
U.S.Navy's F/A-18 lowpass.

NO.11  (969KB)
T-4 Blue Inpulse, Fan Break.

NO.12  (2,670KB)

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