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JGSDF Camp Kasumigaura Airshow


Please click photo to play MPEG1 movie file.

NO.1  (946KB)
Big formation Takeoff.

NO.2  (339KB)
Formation Flypass

NO.3  (406KB)
OH-6D demonstration team, SKY HORNET.

NO.4  (744KB)
Solo demonstration of SKY HORNET, Wingover.

NO.5  (1,320KB)
OH-1 approaches.

NO.6  (865KB)
Hands-free hovering.

NO.7  (469KB)
Left hovering turn, 90 degrees, 3 times.

NO.8  (906KB)
Rapid Sidestep.

NO.9  (946KB)
Vertical climb.

NO.10  (951KB)
Pullup and pushover.

NO.11  (829KB)
Dogfighting of AH-1S and OH-6D.

NO.12  (852KB)

NO.13  (366KB)
Continue, again.

NO.14  (429KB)
CH-47 slings V107.

NO.15  (465KB)

NO.16  (181KB)
UH-60JA slings Canon.

NO.17  (465KB)
OH-1 and AH-1S holds backside of showsight.

NO.18  (433KB)

NO.19  (604KB)
OH-1 Out.

NO.20  (874KB)
JMSDF, Tateyama Airbase, 101 Flight Squadron's SH-60J

NO.21  (577KB)
SH-60J takeoff.

NO.22  (622KB)
SH-60J lowpass.

NO.23  (910KB)
BK117 of Kawasaki Heavy Industries

NO.24  (1,801KB)
Category-A Vertical Takeoff Demonstration

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