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JGSDF Camp Akeno Airshow


Please click photo to play MPEG1 movie file.

NO.1  (640KB)
JASDF Hamamatsu AB's T-4 trainer comes to Aleno.
Akeno's runway length is only 500 meters,
It's very rare.

NO.2  (496KB)
Big formation Takeoff

NO.3  (699KB)
Formation Flypass

NO.4  (1,077KB)
Formation Landing

NO.5  (591KB)

NO.6  (523KB)
UH-60JA(UH-60L) demonstration.

NO.7  (1,350KB)
Test and Evaluation Squadron's OH-1 starts demonstration.
OH-1 NO.3 prototype under teremetry monitoring,
demonstarates higher and higher manuevers.

First, Roll manuever.

NO.8  (996KB)
"Pyrenees Maneuver".
OH-1's special manuever.

NO.9  (667KB)
Procedure turn.

NO.10  (803KB)
Fan Break at 150kt highspeed pass

NO.11  (1,398KB)
Pitch coupled roll

NO.12  (1,045KB)
Hard turn!

NO.13  (1,023KB)
Hands-free hovering

NO.14  (1,017KB)
Aftward Zoomback Reverse.

NO.15  (735KB)
SUPER-Rapid acceleration

NO.16  (1,005KB)
Copmplete demonstaration!

ISE's delicious seafood 2001! (Japanese)

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