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Turboshaft Engine Mitsubishi XTS-1-10 for OH-1 Ninja Scout Helicopter

2000 JGSDF Camp Tachikawa Airshow 

 OH-1's powerplant XTS1-10 experimental type of production type TS-1-M-10.

  XTS1-10's poster description.
  Compression ratio is 11.0 by single-stage centrifugal compressor.

On this board
  IRP : 940hp
  MCP : 827hp
  Acceleration and deceleration between IRP and FLY idle : 2 second
  SFC : 0.234kg/shp-hour
  Turbine Inlet Temparature : 1170degC
  Length : 1051mm
  Width : 624mm
  Height : 611mm
  Weight : 157.85kg



  Black box is the FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control)

  Blown part is IPS (Inlet Perticle Separater)


  IRS (Infra-Red Suppresser).
  Experimental engine equips the straight-type tail pipe.

  White box under IRS is oil cooler unit.

  Exhaust pipe.

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