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Sikorsky MH-53E Sea Dragon Mine-Sweep Helicopter's Details @ 2002 JMSDF Shimofusa Airbase Airshow



No.3 engine's exhaust pipe.

Steps of side sponson fuel tank.

Engine air intake is Anti-FOD type.


Hoist unit.
But under this helicopter's downwash, very dangerous.

Ramp door.

Inside cabin.


roof of cabin.

Remotely controlled back mirror

Main rotor have seven blade!
Diameter is 24.1m.

Mechanical, complete hinge type hub.
With Automatic Blade Folding System.

Very tough swash-plate.
But very little pitch change rod.



Droop stop mechanism.


Tail rotor.
Diameter 6.1m.

tail rotor hub

Tail rotor transmission.

Intermediate transmission.





Tail-boom folding hinge.


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