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Bell/Fuji  UH-1H/J Utility Helicopter and AH-1S Attack Helicopter's Details

Fuji Heavy Industries of Japan began license production of the Huey in 1962, producing at least 90 UH-1Bs and 50 UH-1Hs, mostly for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces but also for a few civil operators.

UH-1H main rotor hub. This type is called as  see-saw rotor.






Fuji then went on to develop a unique Japanese variant of the UH-1H, appropriately designated "UH-1J". The UH-1J features an Allison T53-L-703 turboshaft engine with 1,800 horsepower, a vibration-reduction system, infrared countermeasures, and a night-vision-goggle compatible cockpit. First delivery of the UH-1J to the Self-Defense Forces was in 1993, with 78 delivered into 1998.

Black painted, but same rotor system as UH-1H.





The Japanese Self-Defense Forces bought two AH-1Es, one in 1979 and one in 1980, leading to production of at least 54 of the AH-1E by Fuji Heavy Industries with Kawasaki T53-K-703 turboshaft engines. The survivors of this production were later brought up to AH-1F standards.

These are called as AH-1S in Japan.


Stabilizer bar was not equipped.


AH-1's rotorhub equippes the "Hub-Spring" using elastmeric-bearing.


Haul in hubplate is narrower than UH-1H/J.



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