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Eurocopter EC120 Helicopter's Details @ 2002 Camp Akeno Airshow

EC120 is single engine, small helicopter.


Blade is simple shape.

Rotor hub configulation is same as EC155, but number of blade is 3.
Lead-lag dumper is located between blade.

Cylindrical weights are perhaps vibration absorber.



Fairing of link mechanism.

Tail rotor is ducted-type, "FENESTRON"

Ventral fin and tail-skid.

The number of tail rotor blade is 8 same as OH-1.
Also in-equalled placing is same as OH-1.

Stater fins hold the tail-transimission-mount concurrently.

Tail rotor control is not hudraulic powered.

Beautiful shaping.

Oct. 10, 2002

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