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Japanese Goverment's Bell 214ST
@ 2004 Tonegawa river disaster relief training

Kanto Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has a helicopter
Bell 214ST named as "Aozora" (Blue Sky) for the purpose of disaster relief.

At the Tonegawa river disaster relief training, May 22, 2004,  Bell 214ST flew for VIP transport and
aerial video mission. 

This 214ST is only and final one in Japan.


 040522_Bell214_016.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:38:52 111.8KB

214ST is the biggest 2-bladed main rotor helicopter in the world.
Maximum takeoff weight is17500lb !


214ST is flying ! (movie 389KB) 

Main rotor's 287 RPM, 2 per-revolution sounds.


040522_Bell214_029.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:38:54 112KB 040522_Bell214_087.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 23:39:26 116.3KB

Weather radar at the nose.


040522_Bell214_081.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:10 113.6KB 040522_Bell214_080.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:08 109.8KB

214ST has three pitot tubes and static ports.


040522_Bell214_050.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:00 109.2KB 040522_Bell214_102r.jpg 480x640 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:22 113.9KB

So big cabin for 18 passengers.
The electric-powered folding step at skid.


040522_Bell214_040.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:38:58 102.5KB 040522_Bell214_074.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 23:39:26 111.3KB 040522_Bell214_054.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:00 113.4KB

Powerplant : Two General Electric CT7-2A turboshaft engines. (civil version of T700)


040522_Bell214_091.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:12 113.6KB 040522_Bell214_070r.jpg 480x640 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:08 115.2KB

040522_Bell214_031.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:38:56 113.7KB 040522_Bell214_059.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 23:39:24 108KB

040522_Bell214_067.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:04 107.7KB

Elevator with trailing edge tab.
This elevator is contolled by Fly-By-Wire for wide C.G. range.


040522_Bell214_085_t.jpg 640x577 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:10 112.8KB 

Cockpit and unique collective pitch lever.


040522_Bell214_105_t.jpg 640x429 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:22 111.1KB

Torque limitation : AEO MCP 1950hp and AEO takeoff-power 2350hp.


What is this panel ???
VNE caliculation?

VNE is 160kt !
In upper of airspeed, VNE indicator is located.


040522_Bell214_112.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:26 115.3KB 040522_Bell214_088r.jpg 480x640 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:12 115.8KB

Main rotor blade with swept tip shape.
Very wide code !


Main rotorhub.

040522_Bell214_048.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:38:58 119.4KB

214ST has the in-flight blade tracking system !
Can you find the actuator at tip of pitch horn?
Opposing side one is balance weight.(See below)

040522_Bell214_098.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:18 117.8KB 040522_Bell214_096.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:16 109.6KB 040522_Bell214_097.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:18 109.2KB

040522_Bell214_110.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:26 101.5KB 040522_Bell214_095.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:16 104.5KB 040522_Bell214_108.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:24 114.2KB

040522_Bell214_100.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:20 117.5KB 040522_Bell214_099.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:20 104.4KB 040522_Bell214_063.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:02 117.3KB

040522_Bell214_064.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:02 115.3KB 040522_Bell214_065.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:04 119.4KB 040522_Bell214_109.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:24 114.5KB

In the lower side of hub-yoke, static stops are equipped.
This prevents the contact between yoke and mast.


Tail rotor.

040522_Bell214_041.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 23:39:22 115.6KB 040522_Bell214_092r.jpg 480x640 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:14 105.6KB 040522_Bell214_093.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 22:01:58 99.7KB

040522_Bell214_094.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:14 114.4KB 040522_Bell214_069.jpg 640x480 24bit 2004/05/23 21:39:06 114.5KB


Bell-made see-saw hub has a lot of kinds. I tried to sort a lot of Bell's see-saw rotorhubs as follows.

1. type1 : Bell 47 series
2. type2 : Bell UH-1/204/205 series
3. type3 : Bell AH-1 series /UH-1C (540 rotor system)
4. type4 : Bell OH-58A/C/206 series
5. type5 : Bell 222/230 series
6. type6 : Bell 214 series /AH-1W

214ST's main and tail rotorhubs looks like AH-1W's.




Maximun Takeoff Weight 17500 lb

14750 lb

Main Rotor Dia

52 feet

48 feet





1950 hp

1775 hp

XMSN Rating, AEO T/O

2350 hp

2082 hp

First Flight


AH-1T+ Demonstrator

I expect that 214ST and AH-1W are using same rotorhub and transmission.

When I searched the various websites to research about 214ST for making this page,
I found the North Slope Borough Search and Rescue, Alaska, USA.
This team is using two 214ST ! These 214ST's are so cool ! 


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