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Agusta A109K2 Helicopter's Details @ 2001 JASDF Shizuhama Airbase Airshow

Shizuoka prefecture Police operates this helicopter.
In Japan there are 3 A109K2 on 2001.

Demonstration flight.

Adding lower window on cockpit door.

Large hoist unit, 75m wire.

Hoist unit.

Pitot tubes and Outer Air Tenparature sensor.

Rear view.

Lower refuel port is for auxiliary tank.

Cargo door.

Main landing gear.


Side view.

Vertical tail.

Movable stabilator.

Mast fairing.


Tail boom strake.

Engine air intake.

Engine and oil-cooler exhaust pipe.

Main rotor blade.

Main rotor hub.
Hinge type using mechanical-bearings.


Root of main rotor blade, there is spoiler.

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