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JMSDF Shimofusa Airbase Airshow



Please click photo to play MPEG1 movie file.

NO.1  (865KB)
Engine ground running.

NO.2  (1,059KB)
With Auxiliary fuel tanks.

NO.3  (655KB)
Taking off.

NO.4  (1,411KB)

NO.5  (725KB)
High speed pass.

NO.6  (317KB)
Pull up and pushover.

NO.7  (517KB)
Rapid Sidestep.

NO.8  (555KB)
Sideflare rapid stop.

NO.9  (597KB)
Backward flight.

NO.10  (779KB)
Left hovering turn.

NO.11  (799KB)
Rapid hovering turn and moving.

NO.12  (1,375KB)
Hands-free hovering.
This day pilots have the poster about Soccer World Cup.

NO.13  (723KB)
Vertical climb.
Great rate of climb.

NO.14  (819KB)
Final lowpass.


After engine cutting.

Stastic display

Pilot on front seat.

Pilot on rear seat.

The store for OH-1 goods.

NO.15  (603KB)
Bye-bye display.
Pull up and pushover again.

NO.16  (459KB)
MH-53E mine-sweep helicopter from JMSDF Iwakuni Airbase.

NO.17  (1,533KB)
It's first experience to see this helicopter flying.

And more....

Shimofusa Airbase gate-guard, Boeing/Kawasaki V107 mine-sweep helicopter.
This is the first aircraft for me to fly in the sky.
That was about 20 years ago.
I was junior high school student at that time.

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