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Camp Akeno Airshow


Kawasaki OH-1 "Ninja"

Scout Helicopter

Flight Demonstration

OH-1 S/N 32006

(Production type No.2 rotorcraft)

Aviation School, Japan Ground Self Defense Force

Please click photo to play MPEG1 movie file.

No.1  (0.9MB)

Descend, accelerate to 155 knot and approach.

Rapid roll-in to right, show the upper side to the audience.

"Fan Break" !

No.2  (0.4MB)

Pilot said via radio,

"Hello everybody, I'm greeting to you from cockpit of OH-1....."

No.3  (0.5MB)

Re-approach, pull-up and vertical climb.

On the top, "Pyrenees Maneuver".

("Pyrenees" is the name of a hanging roller coaster

in theme park "Parque Espania"

near Camp Akeno in Mie-prefecture, Japan.)

No.4  (1.8MB)

This is short and detailed version of No.3.

"Pyrenees Maneuver"

is the combination of Immelman and Split-S.

If you do this on the other machine, you will crash.

Please do not try this maneuver.

No.5  (1.2MB)

Hard turn at 100 knot.

Highlights are rapid reverse and rapid deceleration during turn.

No.6  (0.8MB)

Front pilot's left hand moves, and pilot said.

"Now, we fly using automatic flight control."

Both pilots wave their all hands.

Hands-Free Hovering.

No.7  (0.9MB)

Left sideward and change to rearward.

And rise the tail.

No.8  (0.9MB)

From forward to rightward.

Further changes to rearward.

Heading to the left, rapid change to forward.

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